Buy Most Reliable Cars from AutoCraft Japan

Let us tell you the fact about used Japanese cars in detail. Used Japanese cars became popular since late 1970s when Toyota and Nissan emerged as global leaders in the car industry. The comparison and fuel efficiency were the most important factors, and as the popularity rose Japanese car imports also increased gradually.
Toyota started their first project from Aichi prefecture in as early as 1935 and established Toyota in 1936. In 1950 Toyota Motor sales company was established and started spreading globally from Thailand in Asia to North America USA. The journey is long but the fruits of labor made Toyota as one of the highest number of automobile producing company in 2007.

The history of the Datson Company dates back to 1911 when Sotaro Hashimoto, an American trained engineer, joined with three partners to create the Kwaishinsha Company. Nissan was established on December 26, 1933, taking over all the operations for manufacturing Datsuns from the automobile division of Tobata casting co. ltd, and its company name was changed to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. on June 1, 1934. The founder was Yoshisuke Aikawa, the brilliant leader of the Nissan combine. He had grand plans to mass-produce 10,000 – 15,000 units per year, and was about to putting his plan into practice.

These Japanese car exporters put their greatest efforts in becoming the legend and placed customer needs on top of everything. This is purely Japanese tradition and proved great results in open market. Now Honda, Subaru, Suzuki, Hino, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu are biggest names in automobile manufacturers.

During 1980s fuel injection system came into use and replaced the conventional carburetor fuel distribution. Also, the electronics improved than previous model cars by the introduction of car trackers. This way if any problem occurs, it is identified pinpoint by the small car computer fixed under the dash. All these factors equipped with improved drive axle system and luxurious interiors
There will always be demand for used Japanese cars for the customers who cannot just afford brand new and costly cars. And above all majority of these cars coming for sale at dealers yards or local auctions are one owner with complete service papers.

And Autocraftjapan is the only place who offer you all those facilities where you avail all opportunities. Auto Craft Japan Ltd. is a Japan based company for exporting Japanese used and new vehicles to almost any country in the world.Buying used cars online from Japan is a challenging task and we make it easier and simpler for you.We have representative and sales offices in different countries.


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  1. Japan car most reliable and long life car


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    hum nice post and thanks for sharing.

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